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Taste Of The Real Coffee

Exquisite blends that bring together

the choicest Indian and international strains



Web Design

Digital Marketing

Gross accessories pursuit in becoming a household name in the accessories industry began with us taking a voyage through the fashion industry and brands that are basking in digital glory and visual design. To stand out, we put the stunning product photography at the center of our design to elevate the gross accessories brand. Ensuring the UI was simple and responsive with clear "call to action" was imperative in increasing the AOV. Mob Force wanted to reimagine the customers experience so we built out a content strategy to implement to actively engage their audience.  


Our objective was to bring Gross accessories to the forefront of the accessories industry by creating a visually modern and enticing website that was easy to navigate with its extensive range of products. Whilst developing a loyal customer base for repeat business. 



Shopify Plus


Adobe XD


A Cross-Device Solution

Responsive Design for Desktop, Tablet & Mobile

Minimal Design

Product page layouts are simple containing detailed product descriptions and customized product recommendations.




Simplified User Experience

By making multiple layouts, we planned a simplified user experience by testing different layouts. Ultimately ending up with a simplified user experience.

Digital Marketing

We implemented influencer marketing to increase the brand awareness. In addition to social media marketing and email marketing.


We incorporated the luxury of Gross accessories into their new logo and used black as the primary color in their color palette and purple as their secondary to convey the exclusivity and luxurious of the brand. 

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