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Taste Of The Real Coffee

Exquisite blends that bring together

the choicest Indian and international strains


Brand Strategy

E-commerce Development


UX/UI Design

Eclipo needed a whole new online experience. They needed to increase the likelihood of conversions and product descriptions that sold at a glance and a whole brand new branding strategy. We set out by partnering with Jivo designs to complete Eclipo's new branding feel. E-commerce is a big part of Eclipos sales so helping create their e-commerce strategy was very important to keep their brand alive in a challenging market. We set out first by creating visual content and descriptive product copy making sure that each product connected with its intended audience. The UX wireframe was a modular design to captivate their audience with their breathtaking content.

Conversion Rate Optimization


To rebrand Eclipo to create a more immersive online feel between the brand and its target audience.



Shopify Plus





Web Design

Keeping the site map as simplistic as possible we decided to create easy navigation pages with page titles that were reflective of the product titles. We made the website layout large to captivate the audience attention on Eclipo's stunning product photography.






From color palettes to typography, we decided to define the brand with a fashionable, chic tone.

Product Copywriting

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Menu Navigation

Conversion Rate Optimization

Mobforce made sure that the landing pages were made for customers to take action. We also added social proof to product pages in order to increase the brands trust which would convert into more sales. In addition to including a upsell/cross sell section on the checkout page to increase revenue.

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