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Dreams of Every Bride

Exquisite blends that bring together

the choicest Indian and international strains


Creative content

Conversion Rate Optimization

Digital Marketing

Windowshop is a wedding store that has earned recognition from the bridal industry for it is a one-stop shop; where you are able to purchase bridal gowns, suits, and wedding gifts. Our strategy was to produce content for their social media pages in the form of video content and create a blog on their website including subjects such as tips on how to better organize your wedding. We also added checkout functions in key areas across the website to increase sales.


To raise brand awareness across social media platforms through the use of creative content using platforms such as Instagram, Facebook. 

Technical Partners

Shopify Plus




A Cross-Device Solution

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Conversion Rate Optimization

We made sure that we catered to mobile users first in order to create a seamless user-experience across every device.





Using stunning videography which captured the essence of windowshop and its bridal gowns

Creative content

Gorgeous videos provide an insight and immerse the customer in the brand experience

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