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Dreams of Every Bride

Exquisite blends that bring together

the choicest Indian and international strains



Web Design

Shopify Plus Development

Tasked with showcasing the various brands of wine and their varieties; we created a custom responsive website that is optimized for conversions. Finally we introduced a post purchase tracking system for the UX in which we created beautifully crafted thank messages as well as the order update and tracking emails. We consulted with the brand to increase their ROI and stand out in their field.


Bring the Winee brand to life by connecting their branding with their web design; making an informative and innovative UI and UX that helps customers on their purchase journey. To create a capture portal for emails to help with their email marketing campaigns all while delivering a minimalistic design targeting their audience acquired taste.

Brand Visul

A Cross-Device Solution

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Provided guidance to Winee on their e-commerce journey on the best practices to reach their business goals.





Responsive Design

Designed to be responsive on any viewing screen; providing clear imagery and functionality.


We created the brands visuals and color palettes to give a complete brand experience.

Hover Animations

Using animations throughout the website to create a more engaging interactive experience.

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